Butyl triglycol ether (otherwise called BTGE, butyl tri tetra, triethylene glycol butyl ether, butoxy triglycol and triglycol monobutyl ether) is an unmistakable, dull fluid with a mellow smell. It is miscible in water, has low instability, and has the equation C10H22O4.

Creation, Storage and Distribution

Butyl triglycol ether is created as the consequence of ethylene oxide responding with liquor. Worldwide utilization of butyl tri glycol ether is assessed at roughly 21,000 tons for every year.

BTGE can be put away and shipped in hardened steel, mellow steel, or carbon steel drums or potentially tanks and should be kept in a very much ventilated territory. It isn’t named hazardous for any type of transport however is classed as an Irritant. It has a blaze purpose of 156 oC (shut cup) and a particular gravity of 0.985.


On the off chance that you will be utilizing this concoction, you should take care to not open yourself to it without wearing appropriate apparatus and wellbeing gear. On the off chance that you are uncovered, you can follow the accompanying rules. On the off chance that you are presented to it by means of your skin, you have to wash the uncovered territory and spread it. In the event that your garments or shoes are uncovered, you should wash both completely before wearing them once more. On the off chance that any torment perseveres, you have to contact a clinical expert. It is impossible you should do this, however it is smarter to be protected than sorry.

For inward breath, you ought to quickly go to a territory that is very much ventilated. Oxygen supplementation will help. In the event that that isn’t accessible and breathing is troublesome, you ought to quickly contact a clinical expert.


The primary utilization of BTGE is as segment of the base mix utilized in the assembling of water driven oils, particularly brake liquids. It is a helpful part in paint stripping definitions as it has low unpredictability, and is additionally utilized as a color transporter in material coloring forms. Butyl tri glycol ether is a dissolvable for oils, gums, cleansers, and oil so is a segment found in numerous mechanical and family cleaners. It likewise goes about as a coalescent in the coatings business as it is a dissolvable for nitrocellulose.

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